Enter and / or edit product categories.
General > Category Name
Enter category name.
General > Enabled
Enable or disable category.
Categories can be parents or sub categories of parents.
Meta > Alternative Browser Title
Alternative category title that appears in your address bar. This might be hidden in some browsers but can be useful for search engines when spidering your store. Optional. Leave blank to disable.
Meta > Meta Description
Optional meta description. If blank, defaults to description in settings.
Meta > Meta Keywords
Optional meta keywords. If blank, defaults to keywords in settings.
Meta > URL Slug
Enter search engine friendly slug for this category. This is required (even if search engine friendly urls are off) and MUST be unique.

The ONLY characters allowed for slugs are: hyphens, underscores & alphanumeric. Anything else will be removed or ignored.
Category List
1 To delete, use checkboxes and the delete button. You can select all via the icon.

2 To edit, click the icon.

3 Click the product total to load product screen with category specific products.

4 To reorder, click the 'Order' link. In the window that opens, use the drop down menus to select order choice, then click the update button.

Note that deleting a category will delete all products in that category. If a product is in multiple categories and other categories still exist, the product will NOT be deleted.
Enabled / Disabled
A icon is shown if a category is enabled.

A icon is shown if a category is disabled.