Email Settings

Update your email settings. Maian Pal supports SMTP and the PHP mail function.
General > Mail Protocol
SMTP - If you prefer to use a SMTP service or server. This is generally more reliable, but can be disabled on many shared servers.

PHP Mail Function - Assumes you have an internal mail server. If you choose this option, all other SMTP configuration options are ignored except Host and Port Number. For the PHP mail function host is generally "localhost" and port is 25, but check with your host. Also note that if this is enabled messages are ONLY sent in plain text format. Finally, some servers restrict outgoing messages to none internal mailboxes. If this fails you should try and use SMTP.
General > Host/IP
Enter mail server host or IP address
General > Port
Enter port number.
General > SMTP Username
Enter username if authentication is required for SMTP.
General > SMTP Password
Enter password if authentication is required for SMTP.

IMPORTANT! If you are using Gmail, DO NOT use your actual Gmail password. Instead you should enter an App specific password which you have created in your Google account.
Headers > Mail "From" Name
Enter preferred "From Name" for emails.
Headers > Mail "From" Email
Enter preferred "From Email" for emails.
Headers > Mail "Reply-To" Name
Enter preferred "Reply Name" for emails.
Headers > Mail "Reply-To" Email
Enter preferred "Reply Email" for emails.
Options > SMTP Security
Specify security if your mail server requires it.
Options > Additional Emails (Comma Delimit)
Enter additional notification emails if required. Any email sent to the main email in the settings will also be copied to these addresses.
Options > SSL/TLS Only - Do Not Verify Certificates
Enable if you are having mail issues with certificates on later versions of PHP. This is not recommended.
Options > Enable SMTP Debugging
If set, logs all mail requests to 'logs' folder. Can be useful for debugging SMTP issues.
Send Test Email(s)
Once your email settings are in place, click this button to test. You will receive emails to your main email and additional email addresses. If there are issues, refer to the mail log created in the 'logs' folder (if logging is enabled).

Note that the test send does not use the CleanTalk API (below).
CleanTalk API
CleanTalk is a low cost solution to help fight spam bots. If you are having spam issues with your store contact form, you should enable this.

Sign up for an account to get your API key and enter it in the box provided.

API Key - Enter CleanTalk API key

Enable CleanTalk - Enable / disable service in the store.

Log CleanTalk Responses - Log responses. Useful for debugging.

If CleanTalk is Disabled, Enable Basic Captcha - If CleanTalk is disabled, you can enable a basic captcha, which appears below the form. This enables a more basic way of protecting your system from bots. The captcha settings can be updated in the 'control/classes/system/class.captcha.php' file. For this to work, your system MUST have the GD graphics library enabled.