Cron Jobs

What are Cron Jobs?
Cron jobs are automated tasks. On Windows servers it is the Task Scheduler. There are two files in Maian Pal that should be set up to run as cron jobs. These are detailed below.
1 System Ops
This performs the following operations:

- Auto deletes sales that have not been activated after xx amount of days.
(Limit set in 'control/options.php' file via 'DEAD_SALE_DAYS' constant. Default is 7 days.)

- Activates store if offline and re-enable date is set.

- Deactivates coupons that have hit their expiry dates (if set)

The file to run is:


You should set this cron to run once a day.
2 Database Backup
In your admin control panel you have the option to download a backup schema. Backups are important, so this cron takes care of the backups automatically. Backups are emailed to the system admin addresses. If you prefer to suppress the emails and just have the backups saved to the server (admin/backups), you can deactivate the emails via the 'CRON_BACKUP_EMAIL' constant in the 'control/options.php' file.

The file to run is:


You should set this cron to run once a day. A better way of backing up your databases automatically is by using Rsync. More info here.
Cron Job Example Commands
Examples of cron tab commands. These may or may not work, you should contact your host if you aren't sure. Make sure you use the correct paths to the files shown above. Here an example file is shown (xx.php).


/usr/local/bin/php /home/admin/domains/
php q /home/admin/domains/
/usr/local/bin/php q /home/admin/domains/


C:\Windows\php\php.exe "C:\server\www\shop\control\cron\xx.php"
If you don't understand this, contact your host for assistance. Path is almost always the FULL server path to the cron file.