Payment Gateway Setup (Paypal)

Maian Pal uses Paypal as it's payment processing gateway via the Paypal IPN system. Paypal is a popular option for many e-commerce websites and offers fast secure payments. Please read the instructions below carefully to set up Paypal for your store.

If you are using the Paypal IPN for something else and it is already activated, you can ignore this page. The IPN system will already be active for your store regardless of the callback url you have currently set.
IPN Setup
This is how you set it up in Paypal:
1 Log into your Paypal business account.

2 From the menu select 'Account Settings'.

3 From the options select 'Products & Services > Website Payments > Instant Payment Notifications > Update'.

4 On the next screen, enter the following url as your IPN Notification Url and enable IPN:

Where the path is the correct path to your OWN 'control/callback.php' file
Setup is Completed!
Activate in Maian Pal
[1] Log into your control panel and from the left (off canvas) menu, select 'Settings > Payment / Currency'.

[2] Select 'Test (Sandbox)' or 'Live' mode, depending on your preference.

[3] Click the 'Parameters' tab. Add a single parameter called 'email' and it's value will be your Paypal premier / sandbox / business email address.

[4] The following parameters are optional and can be included if you know what they mean:

'locale' = Valid Paypal locale
'pagestyle' = Valid Paypal page style
Enable Gateway Logging
Initially it's a good idea to enable the gateway log to make sure the callback is being received. Select 'Payment / Currency' from the left menu in your admin area and on the 'Gateway' tab make sure 'Log Responses' is set to yes. All order processing will be logged in the 'logs' folder.

You should disable this when you go live.
Paypal has a full test mode via it's Sandbox system. Sign up at

Test mode should be enabled before going live. This is enabled/disabled in your admin area in the 'Payment / Currency' settings.
Resend IPN
Paypal IPN messages can be resent at any time via the IPN History page.
Further Information
Now that the payment gateway is set up, refer to the main install page for further instructions.