Gateway Setup
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For details on how to set up Stripe, click here.
Perishable Key
Your perishable key. This is set in your Stripe account area.
Secret Key
Your secret key. This is set in your Stripe account area.
Endpoint Secret Key
Your Endpoint/Webhook Secret Key. For callback verification. This is set in your Stripe account area under your webhook settings.
Custom image that appears at the top of the Stripe payment window. Image must exist in "content/**theme**/images" folder.
Information About this Payment Method
This is presented to visitors if they click for more info on the gateway on the checkout page. Optional.

Use BB Code for formatting, HTML is not allowed.
Select preferred language / locale as supported by Stripe. Auto Detection is recommended. For a list of supported locales visit:

Update list in "admin/control/arrays.php" file.
Order Status Preferences
Specify which order statuses to set for callback operations. Leave as default if you aren`t sure. "Pending" statuses restrict download access for none gateway methods and should be used until payment is cleared.

Setting preferred order statuses can be useful for filtering with other admin operations.
Alternative Redirect Url (Optional)
Alternative redirect url is the page a visitor will be directed to after a successful transaction.

You should NOT use this option if you sell downloadable items as visitors will not be able to download their products immediately after purchase.

Enter full url starting http://

If you need to do further operations on your redirect page based on the sale, the following query string params may be used and passed to your new page:

{id} = Sale ID in Database
{code} = Sale Buy Code in Database.

IMPORTANT! When using these variables on your custom PHP page, make sure you check and sanitize the variables accordingly. The {id} value will always be an INTEGER and the {code} variable ALPHANUMERIC.
Payment Method Availability
Choose when this payment method is available. Useful if you only want certain methods shown for certain checkout types. If none are selected, defaults to all.
Enable Stripe
Enable / disable this gateway as a payment option.
API & SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)
Maian Cart supports v3 of the Stripe API and supports SCA.
Update Checkout Image
If you want to change the image that appears on the checkout screen, update the following:

Note that testing on localhost or a none SSL (http://) site may result in the image not displaying. You should always test over SSL (https://) on a live site.