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Before commencing any upgrade, make sure you have a full backup of your existing system, including a schematic backup of your current database. In the event of something going wrong, you can always revert your database back and try again.

View the changelog to see whats new.

Please see the version appendix for any major changes that may cause your existing version to break.
Passwords - Please Read
If you are upgrading from a version older than 3.4, all account/staff passwords will be reset. In 3.4+ passwords are now stored using the PHP password API which uses bcrypt. This favours the less secure sha1 used in previous versions.

For cart staff, you`ll need to log in with the main administrator details (as set in 'admin/control/access.php') to reset staff.

Account visitors will need to use the 'forgot password' option to reset their password.
How To Upgrade
Download the patch update and follow the instructions:

If you aren`t sure of your version, access your database and in the mc_settings table view the value of the following column:


(If you are running v2 of Maian Cart, upgrades are no longer available)
Changes made to template and language files will be lost during upgrade. If you have created a custom theme folder or updated a language file, you should use comparison software to find out what has changed since the last update. WinMerge, a FREE tool, is recommended:

Stripe Payment Gateway
If you have upgraded to v3.4+ and you don`t want to change your custom theme, but you do want to add support for the Stripe payment gateway, do the following. Note that it is assumed you have updated the core php files and run the upgrade routine via the zip files above.

1 Add 'content/**/gateway-api/' folder and contents.

2 Open the 'content/**/footer.tpl.php' file and add the following code before the closing </body> tag.

// If Stripe is enabled, load JS API for Stripe..
if ($this->STRIPE_EN == 'yes') {
include(PATH . $this->THEME_FOLDER . '/gateway-api/stripe.php');
3 Open the 'content/**/js/mc-cart.js' file and find the 'mc_chkNav' function. BEFORE "jQuery(document)....", add the following code:

// Check for stripe..
switch(nav) {
  case 'pay':
    if (jQuery('select[name="payment-type"]').val() == 'stripe') {
      return false;
    // Ok, continue..
4 Open the 'content/**/checkout-payment.php' file and add the following id to the form tag:

<form method="post" action="#" id="pform">

5 Complete gateway setup.