Supported Payment Gateways

Maian Coin uses BitCoin/BlockChain payment gateways to process BitCoin/LiteCoin/Altcoin etc payments. Each gateway supports a number of cryptocurrency solutions. Bitcoin payments are irreversible by design. This means that you can accept payments from any country and be 100% guaranteed that the money you received will not be charged back.

The list of supported gateways is shown below, please click a gateway for further information and setup instructions.

NOTE: SSL MUST be installed for any payment gateway you choose to prevent issues connecting to the API servers!
Supported Gateway APIs (Click name for setup instructions)
Name Founded Location
AlfaCoins 2013 Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Apirone 2017 Russia/Cyprus
BitPay 2011 Atlanta, Georgia, United States
CoinBase Commerce 2012 San Francisco, California
CoinGate 2014 Vilnius, Lithuania
GoCoin 2013 Santa Monica, California
SpicePay 2011 Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK
Payment Delay
Due to the various block checks that happen with Crypto payments, confirmation may not be received to the buyer for a number of minutes or in some cases hours. This is normal. See the relevant gateway page for the status the system is waiting for before it accepts the order.

You can change the status to speed up things from the buyers perspective, but it is not generally recommended, especially if you are selling downloadable items. If you are selling tangible goods, you should make sure the payment has been received and confirmed before shipment.
Payment Timeout
Most Crypto gateways allow a set amount of time for the buyer to complete payment, this is shown on the gateway screen once the buyer is directed there. If the buyer does not complete the payment in the allocated time and pays later, the invoice will receive a status of "Payment Exceeded Timeout". You can choose whether to allow this invoice via your control panel via the view sales or search sales screen by searching or filtering by this status.
Expect Issues
Don`t be surprised if Bitcoin and other Crypto payments prove unreliable. If you get error messages saying "Error connecting to blockchain" or "Couldn`t update wallet", please contact the relevant gateway. This issue is NOT related to Maian Coin. Thank you.
Enable Gateway Logging
Initially it`s a good idea to enable the gateway log to make sure the callback is being received. Select 'Payment / Currency' from the left menu in your admin area and on the 'Gateway' tab make sure 'Log Responses' is set to yes. All order processing will be logged in the 'logs' folder.

You should disable this when you go live.
Don`t see your preferred gateway? Please contact me.