White Label License

A white label license (or reseller license) enables you to take the system, remove all credits to Maian Script World and sell the software as your own. The cost of the white label license isn`t cheap, but it`s a lot cheaper than hiring a programmer to build something from scratch. If you are good at marketing and can sell the software you`ll soon recuperate the costs and be on your way to making lots of money.
What IS allowed?
Remove all references to Maian Script World and/or David Ian Bennett
Sell the system as your own at any price on any website. eg: Ebay
Make modifications to suit your own requirements
Integrate the software with any 3rd party software
What is NOT allowed?
Make any reference to Maian Script World or David Ian Bennett as a partner
Make any reference to ionCube® as a partner
Use any ionCube® graphics or text to promote your product without their express permission
Sell the system with any reference to "Maian" or "ionCube" in the title
Offer the system for free as a direct competitor for Maian Cube
Make a copy of the Maian Cube website for your own marketing purposes
Use any Maian Cube material for your own marketing purposes
Do I get any support?
Basic support is covered by the standard license and the 3 month personal support. You can renew the personal support after 3 months if you wish. Note that I do NOT offer support for custom changes made to the system after the license is purchased. If you break something you need to fix it yourself.
When I purchase the white label license, do I purchase the software outright?
No, the software is copyrighted and remains the property of David Ian Bennett & Maian Script World.
Ok, can I purchase the software outright?
Make me an attractive enough offer and I may seriously consider it. :)
Is the documentation included in the white label version?
How much does it cost?
See the Maian Cube purchase page for the current price.
How do I purchase and activate the white label license?
1 Use the purchase link above to purchase the white label license

2 Once payment is received I will review the purchase and get in touch with you to validate the payment. This means contacting the user via the email address sent via the gateway

3 You will be required to sign and return (by email), the white label license agreement

4 Once I`m happy with everything I will send you the full version in a .zip file, so you have 100% source code access. Note that once this is sent, no refunds can be offered.
Are there any upgrade fees for future versions?
No, the white label license covers ALL future versions. A great deal I know. :)
Can I hire you to make custom changes even after I`ve purchased the white label license?
Yes, of course.