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Information about this script is shown below:
• Nice user friendly interface
• Utilises a MySQL database for efficiency
• Preview entry
• BB Code
• Ban Filters (Optional)
• Bad Word Filter (Optional)
• Emoticons (Optional)
• Avatars (Optional)
• Contact pop up box with spam prevention feature
• Javascript alert box with e-mail masking for mail option
• Visitor Multiple Keyword Search Engine (Optional)
• Multi language support
• Automatically hides page links
• Add 5 New Fields
• Webmaster Comments
• Error Checking (Optional)
• Private Messages (Optional)
• Rating System (Optional)
• Backup/Restore Feature
• Hit Counter
• Website Display Stats
• SMTP Mail Options
• Contact Visitors
• Approve Entries
• Edit entries before you approve them
• Spam prevention on sign page (Sum or Captcha) (Optional)
• Search engines
• Approve or reject multiple entries
• Reset Functions
• E-Mail Templates
• Flood Control (Optional)
• Max Comment Input (Optional)
• Auto install file
• Easy to use Admin area
• Table prefix for people with 1 database
This script was brought back to life for PHP7 via the following applications:

SynWrite (Programming)
Photo Filtre (Graphics)
AAA Logo (Graphics)

• Script Version: v3.3
• Originally Released: 5 July 2003
• This Version Released: 23 March 2018

• Written by: David Ian Bennett
• Browser Testing: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Maxthon, Google Chrome & QupZilla
• Local Server Testing: PHP (5.6.34 / 7.0.28 / 7.1.15 & 7.2.3), Apache/2.4.25, MySQL 5.6.35
• Production Server Testing: PHP 7.1.9, Apache/2.2.15, NGinx/1.12.1, MySQL 5.7.11, SSL

Note that where there was a slight design descrepancy in the browsers, I favoured the look in Chrome.
I am grateful to the following companies/individuals who`s free open source code helped during the creation of this script:

Erik Bosrup (Overlib)
Synchro (PHPMailer Transportation Class)
Brett Bieber (Savant 3)
Drew Phillips (SecureImage Class)
Brady Vercher (Pagination Class)
Released for FREE under the 'Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence'. For more information, click here.

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