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Before commencing any upgrade, make sure you have a full backup of your existing system, including a schematic backup of your current database. In the event of something going wrong, you can always revert your database back and try again.

View the changelog to see whats new.
Upgrade - v2.0 or higher
Download the patch update and follow the instructions:
Upgrade - v1.0 ONLY
If you are upgrading from v1.0 see the '_upgrade-appendix/2.0.txt' notes and follow the instructions below:

1 Make a backup of your lockbox system and database.

2 Download the latest version of Maian Lockbox and unzip to desktop:

3 Replace ALL files / folders accept:


If you accidentally overwrite anything, replace from backup.

"licence.lic" file MUST be regenerated for commercial version. See the '_upgrade-appendix/2.0.txt' notes.

4 Access your lockbox 'install/upgrade.php' file in a browser and follow the instructions.

NOTE: install/upgrade.php NOT install/index.php

5 Once the upgrade is complete, remove or rename the 'install' folder.

6 Refer to the notes in the '_upgrade-appendix' folder.

7 Finally, refer to the changelog to see whats new: