Password Reset


Maian Support has a password reset option if you forget your admin login details. This is NOT enabled by default for security.

How To Enable

1 - Open the file in the 'admin/control/user-defined/' directory in your text editor.

2 - After the opening <?php tag add the following constant:

define('PASS_RESET', 1);

Save and update on your server.

3 - Access 'admin/index.php?p=reset' in your browser. Update required login details for support team users.

4 - Remove the PASS_RESET constant option and re-save file. If you don`t remove this option, it is a HIGH security risk. If you attempt to login with this enabled an error message will appear.

If you are super paranoid about security, you can also rename the following file when the pass reset option isn`t being used: