Upgrades - Versions 2.0 to 3.0

Upgrade Instructions

This is only for versions 2.* to 3.0.

Please ensure you have a full backup of your current system before starting the upgrade.

Passwords - Please Read

If you are upgrading from a version older than 4.0, all passwords will be reset. In 4.0+ passwords are now stored using the PHP password API which uses bcrypt. This favours the less secure sha1 used in previous versions.

Once the upgrade has completed, you`ll need to use the reset option to reset all staff passwords.

Account visitors will need to use the 'forgot password' option to reset their password. You can also batch reset the passwords via the admin interface and send out a broadcast message to let people know.


Any version prior to 3.1 is not compatible with the templates, due to the bootstrap change to 3.0. All template changes will be reset and overwritten.

How to Upgrade - Please Read Carefully

1 Make a backup of your support system and database.

2 Download the latest version of Maian Support and unzip to desktop.

3 Remove 'control/connect.inc.php' & 'licence.lic' from the new version.

NOTE: that 'control/connect.inc.php' must be renamed as 'control/connect.php' for later versions.

4 If you added additional priority levels to 'control/priority-levels.php' in v2.1, ensure this file is in your installation before you upgrade the database. This is not required if you are running 2.2 or higher already.

5 Overwrite your installation with the new file set of the latest version.

6 Access your support 'install/upgrade.php' file in a browser and follow the instructions.

NOTE: install/upgrade.php NOT install/index.php

7 Once the upgrade is complete, remove or rename the 'install' folder.

8 Refer to the latest version installation instructions for any new folders that require permissions.

9 Refer to the latest version installation instructions for any new crontabs/job that may require setting up.

10 Finally, refer to the changelog to see whats new. See below.

Hope you enjoy the latest version of Maian Support.


To view the changelog, here.

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