Welcome to Maian Music, a FREE music e-commerce system. It enables you to sell downloadable music and/or physical CDs.

Many people sell online and many of them are musicians who don't need a fully blown e-commerce system to sell their music. A lot of online options are available, but these are subscription based, meaning a big chunk of your profits are gone before you start selling. Maian Music separates tangible and digital tax to comply with EU regulations.

Maian Music enables you to sell your music online on your own server. No subscriptions, nice and easy. Hope you like it.

Maian Music is NOT encoded and should run on any web server out of the box with PHP7.0 or higher with openssl support enabled (7.1*), or mcrypt support enabled (7.0* ONLY).

Maian Music is NOT open source, licence information can be found on the website.

A white label (or reseller) licence is available. More information here
To get started please follow the instructions carefully via the links in the left hand menu.

We hope you enjoy this software and we hope you find it an integral part of your business.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Maian Media
Free or Commercial Version
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Other incentives for upgrading:

+ ALL Future upgrades FREE of Charge
+ Notifications of new version releases
+ All features unlocked and unlimited
+ Copyright removal included in price
+ 3 Months free personal support (renewable)
+ No links in email footers
+ One off payment, no subscriptions
Need Help Installing?
If you aren't sure about PHP & MySQL we offer an installation service. More details here.
Free SSL
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White Label Licence
The white label licence offers you an exclusive licence to market and sell this software as your own. One payment, no further fees. More info here.