Maian Friend - Documentation

Software Features

Easily to use recommendation system
Supports HTML & plain text messages
Supports SMTP
Captcha for spam prevention
Easily adapt into any existing website
HTML5 responsive layout


This software is coded to comply with different browsers and coding standards for a high quality system.

Software Version: v4.0
This Version Released: 30 March 2018
Originally Released: January 2003
Written, Programmed & Designed by: David Ian Bennett
Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Maxthon, Google Chrome & QupZilla & Others..
Core Programming: SynWrite
Development Server Environment: PHP (5.6.34 / 7.0.28 / 7.1.15 & 7.2.3), Apache/2.4.25, MySQL 5.6.35
Live Server Environment: PHP 7.1.9, Apache/2.2.15, NGinx/1.12.1, MySQL 5.7.11, SSL
Development Stacks: UwAmp, Uniform Server & Neard
Operating Systems: Windows 10 (64Bit)
Coding Standards: HTML5

With Thanks To

Paul M. Jones/Brett Bieber (Savant Template Engine)
Synchro (PHP Mailer)
Nick Pane (Bootbox)
@mdo & @fat (Twitter Bootstrap v3)
Dave Gandy (Font Awesome v4)
John Resig & jQuery Team (jQuery/jQuery UI)




Maian Friend is no longer supported. Sorry.