Maian Friend - Documentation


Please read this page carefully as it contains important information about getting your contact form up and running:

Server Requirements

A server running 'PHP v5.5' or higher. Earlier versions may not be supported.

GD Graphic Library support for captcha support.

SMTP service or connection

Set Up

1 => Open the 'control/cfg.php' file in a text editor and complete all options carefully.

2 => Upload all the files/folders into a directory on your web server. Example: /friend/

3 => Chmod the following folder to make it world writeable:


Permissions can usually be set in your control panel or via FTP via the right click options. Note that if log directory names are changed in the config file, they must be writeable.
4 => See usage instructions below.

5 => Thats it, all done. For software usage, see below.


Usage of Maian Friend is fairly simple. You need to pass two url parameters to your recommendation system. If these are not included the form will not submit. The parameters are as follows:

pg = Page Name
ul = Page Url (full url starting http:// or https://)

Example usage:

index.php?pg=Maian Friend&ul=

The 'pg' value should be url encoded. Most browsers will auto encode the url.

Default Message

The default comments box text is set in the following file:


The following variables may be used here.

{PAGE} = Page Name (as loaded via the 'pg' parameter)
{URL} = Page Url (as loaded via the 'ul' parameter)

Templates/CSS Files

The templates, images and CSS files for the software are in 'content' directory. Maian Friend can easily be adapted into any existing website by editing the templates. DO NOT use iframes.

Maian Friend uses Twitter Bootstrap v3 and Font Awesome v5.

Software Language

All the language can be found in the following file:


Email txt template files are in the 'content/lang/email' folder. See the 'content/lang/email/readme.txt' file for email variables.