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Before You Upgrade
Before commencing any upgrade, make sure you have a full backup of your existing system, including a schematic backup of your current database. In the event of something going wrong, you can always revert your database back and try again. See below.
NOTE: When upgrading, the system will go offline until the upgrade is completed, so any gateway callbacks will fail during this time.
Backing up your data is vitally important. There are two things you need to back up before upgrading:

1 Your file structure. So, everything in your store folder. The easiest way is to use the copy command on your server via the shell.

cp -rf /shop/ /backupfolder/
2 Your database schema. There are many utilities that make this easy and some are listed here. You can also use the database backup option in your Maian Pal admin area.
Important Notes - v2.5 / 2.6 / 2.7 / 2.8 / 2.9 to v3.0 ONLY
1 The only gateways supported now are Paypal, Square and Stripe.

2 All gateway callback urls have changed, so you will need to update any callbacks. See the gateway notes.

3 If the gateway callbacks are failing, make sure you are running the latest supported API version (Stripe and Square ONLY).

4 The backup path must be set in the settings or else any automated backups may fail.

5 The system still supports separate tangible and digital tax, but references to MOSS have been removed due to the UK leaving the European Union.
Upgrade Procedure
1 Download latest version of Maian Music and unzip contents.

2 From the download zip REMOVE the following file:

3 If the 'control/_cfg.php' file does not exist in your installation, copy the '_control/_cfg-sample.php' as 'control/_cfg.php' and complete the options in the file. You can copy the information from the old 'control/connect.php' file in your backup. Note that your admin login details are here now too, so copy the info from your existing 'admin/control/access.php' file or simply enter new login details in the new '_cfg.php' file.

4 Upload all other files to your server to overwrite existing files.

5 In your browser, access the install upgrade file and follow the instructions:

6 Once completed, delete or rename the 'install' folder.

7 IMPORTANT: If you have translated language files OR used a custom theme, refer to the information below for changes that you will need to implement in your theme. New language files may also be available for the new version and these should be translated and copied to your language folder.

8 View Changelog to see what is new in the latest version.

Upgrade complete, hope you like the new version.
Theme Updates
Changes must be done in or else something may not work properly. If you prefer to keep an original theme, refer to this section for help on what has been modified. You should modify your existing themes. Note that some new features in the latest theme may not work in your existing theme. Some versions may NOT work with older themes and you may have to rebuild the default theme. Check the link below for details.

Please see the support options.